I am the lucky recipient of experiencing both yoga and massage from Elin. Her talents and perception of what an individual needs is exceptional.
I have witnessed in the hours after a massage both lightness and freedom of movement along with reduced pain and greater flexibility.
Upon rising from my yoga mat, I have felt greater balance if that was what I needed, more grounding if I have been too much in my scattered thoughts and worries, as well as more energy.
Today when I closed her door behind me, I was filled with Joy - so needed after a very long and difficult work week. Elin is a very special practitioner who is eager to learn new modalities to incorporate into her body work along with enhancing the skills she has already mastered.
— Justine, Farmer, Schaghticoke, NY
Before coming to Elements of Bodywork, I had only done yoga and massage for fun on vacation. I didn’t see it as a lifestyle. Elin is accepting of my limitations while challenging me along the way. The feeling of calmness after a yoga class or massage stays with me as I use the techniques Elin suggests specifically for me.
— Theresa, Rensselaer County, NY
Elin is top notch in everything that she does. I’ve been practicing yoga with her for a few years now, and she’s very good at assessing what each individual needs.
— Sally, Stillwater, NY
Absolutely amazing! Will never go anywhere else. When I first started seeing her a year ago I was unable to walk comfortably due to an injury. I now am back riding my horses, going to the gym, and am able to stand or sit comfortably.
— Missy, Valley Falls, NY
I was inspired to join Elin for yoga and bodywork in an effort to lessen the effects of arthritis. Before coming to Elements of Bodywork, I exercised at the YMCA, went to a chiropractor regularly, and had bi-weekly massages. Yoga seemed like a natural step to take to keep me limber. I heard through the grapevine that Elin was starting a studio, so I checked it out, and I am thrilled I did. The yoga classes increased my flexibility, and had the added benefit of relieving my stress levels. When an opportunity arose to experience a massage with Elin, I jumped at it. Elin’s skill at massage therapy is wonderful, especially when I need work on acute flare ups. She is very intuitive about where I need body work most. I will continue to attend Elin’s classes when I can, and get body work as often as I can afford it... it is worth it!!
— Kelly, Teaching Assistant, Rensselaer County, NY